About Me

Mom of 5 decorating homes across the nation.

We are thrilled that everyone who purchases our custom wood blocks knows they are getting a quality handcrafted seasonal décor worthy for the best of homes and gifts.

Before I created Crafts With a Side of You, I loved crafting with friends. We would gather the supplies and get together to make something “cute.” I noticed that one friend, no matter how hard she tried, never had enough time to finish all of the projects she wanted to make. She started asking me to make her projects if I finished before she did.

Then one day I decided to create my own décor and crafts and gift it to this friend. She absolutely loved it! “I love that it has the quality of handmade, but that I didn’t spend the time making it!”

I was concerned that others might have the same dilemma. Finding time to decorate your home is difficult enough, but adding that personal touch? Nearly impossible.

But then I thought, if I did it for her, I can do it for you!

I decided to set out to create the highest quality wood seasonal décor items for the most stylish ladies in the US!

It turns out, creating wood décor takes a lot of time and patience. Measuring, cutting, picking the best coordinating colors, painting… you get the idea. How many projects do you have stashed in the closet, collecting dust and not out on the entry table or mantle? Maybe you’ve pinned a few ideas that have never been tried.

After trying several mediums, I found the best materials to use, the most efficient ways to paint and designed some adorable items perfect for the home and for gift giving.

Now you can have that adorable craft without the hassle and mess of making it, but still having that customized quality. I called it Crafts With a Side of You, because each item can be customized to your space.

Since we released our first products, the response has been amazing! Our customers love the handmade quality of our holiday and seasonal blocks for the home and holidays. We cannot wait for you to enjoy them too.